Inbenta Unveils Customizable Digital Instructor

Inbenta, a customer experience platform provider, has enhanced its Digital Instructor product (formerly Horizn Digital Demos) to make its interactive how-to tutorials more engaging and easier to share.

Digital Instructors are interactive simulations of a digital product, service, or task, demonstrating features and guiding customers with step-by-step visual instructions. Digital Instructor can be used by any company that provides services or facilitates transactions online or through a mobile app. The tool lets companies create a library of helpful how-to content, providing direct support to customers and employees.

Inbenta's Digital Instructor can be leveraged in a variety of use cases, including the following:

  • Self-serve customer-direct to help navigate products or services without having to call support.
  • Assisted-serve for on-call and on-site contact center agents and frontline staff to help them walk customers through their product and service challenges.
  • Frontline employee training and onboarding to educate and train employees on how products and services work.

The three enhancements include the following:

  • VOICE: Customers can now enable step-by-step voice instructions on every Digital Instructor. with more context and direction. The AI-generated voice is fully customizable for a lifelike customer experience.
  • AUTOPLAY: Customers can now choose to autoplay each Digital Instructor, turning every step-by-step guide into streaming instructional content.
  • DOWNLOAD: Customers can now download PDF versions of each Digital Instructor to store, share, and reference offline. These PDF files reproduce every step of the demonstration, along with the related help copy and any contextual pop-ups.

"These upgrades are an exciting new addition to our best-in-class Digital Instructor product," said Melissa Solis, CEO of Inbenta, in a statement. "These step-by-step visual guides are a proven way to communicate your digital capabilities and accelerate digital adoption across the board. The addition of Voice, Autoplay, and Download makes our Digital Instructor tool even more intuitive and effective."