Inbenta Launches Chatbot Development Platform

Inbenta, providers of a natural language search platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has launched its Chatbot Creation Platform for Web sites, Facebook Messenger, and Microsoft's Skype.

The new plug-in lets businesses create and deploy customer support messenger bots, providing customers with real-time chat experiences that combine a hybrid of AI self-service support and on-demand live agent chat.

Integrated with Inbenta's semantic search technology, the Chatbot Creation Platform enables companies to leverage existing knowledge bases to create the chatbot experience. Inbenta chatbots apply natural language processing and artificial intelligence to the computer interface. Semantic search technology instantly accesses information via company knowledge bases to find the most relevant answer in real time.

Using just a few lines of code, businesses can be up and running with their own branded chatbots in a matter of weeks.

Customers can choose self-service virtual assistant support or on-demand live chat. If they are not satisfied with the answer provided, they can be transferred to a live agent, who will already have the detailed conversation history.

Supported languages include English, Euskera, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Romanian, and Russian.

"Research shows that a growing number of customers prefer self-service channels to answer questions, resolve issues, or complete transactions. We make it possible for businesses to easily meet that demand without the need to develop in-house. Our white label chatbots are running in a matter of hours, not months," said Jordi Torras, co-founder and CEO of Inbenta, in a statement.

"Conversation powered by natural language and artificial intelligence will be the next evolution of platform development. Messaging bots are the first phase of this, but not every chatbot is intelligent. Inbenta technology is built on extensive linguistic training and testing so the FAQ-based chatbots we create have a certain level of emotional intelligence that helps them understand real-world scenarios better," said Jordi Pratts, chief technology officer at Inbenta, in a statement.

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Posted September 09, 2016