InMoment Adds ChatGPT in the XI Platform

InMoment has incorporated ChatGPT capabilities from OpenAI into its eXperience Improvement (XI) Platform and introduced Smart Summary Generator, another Chat-GPT-based application.

"We've all seen recent headlines around personal use of ChatGPT, but what isn't being talked about nearly enough is the new opportunities generative AI brings to enterprise software applications worldwide," said Sandeep Garg, chief product officer of InMoment, in a statement. "At InMoment, we immediately identified the opportunity to leverage the power of this technology to solve real-world business problems for our clients."

Following the launch of InMoment AI last year, InMoment built on its foundation of natural language understanding technology to include natural language generation.

Smart Summary Generator intelligently transforms hundreds of pieces of individual and discrete feedback into short, structured paragraphs to surface the most important topics and trends across channels like reviews, contact center conversations, or surveys. The summary generator can distill hundreds of individual customer comments into an overview of the most pressing topics in just minutes.

The InMoment XI Platform is leveraging ChatGPT technology to create smart feedback examples. This capability generates granular and highly specialized test datasets similar to what an actual human would take hours to complete. Users can send commands to generate meaningful survey feedback examples for any specific topic to improve text analytics model accuracy and drastically decrease the time to market for new models which benefits its clients.