IPsoft’s Amelia Now Available on Genesys AppFoundry

IPsoft's Amelia digital customer service agent is now available on Genesys' AppFoundry, a marketplace for cloud customer experience and contact center solutions.

Amelia offers conversational artificial intelligence capabilities to handle customers' most common requests by herself, without human support. The integration of Amelia is available through the Genesys Cloud contact center platform.

Genesys and IPsoft customers include Bankia, one of the largest banks in Spain. Bankia deployed Amelia as a digital contact center agent to scale customer service and improve the customer experience. Since Amelia went live in January, she has been handling more than 10,000 voice calls per month, a number that is constantly growing as the intelligent digital agent continuously learns from previous interactions. Amelia helps Bankia customers with transactional tasks like credit card management (blocking/unblocking) and online banking password resets. She also collaborates with human contact center agents to help them authenticate customers and conduct surveys.

"We're delighted to be bringing Amelia to Genesys' customers. In the current global crisis, many firms struggle to keep up with customer service demands, and IPsoft's Amelia is critical in helping organizations triage customer calls at scale and resolve inquiries on the first touch, ensuring that calls are only routed to human agents when necessary. By freeing up agents' time and helping them thrive in their roles, Amelia is helping to create superior customer experiences and fast time-to-resolution for customer service providers, while proactively recommending new solution paths she has learned by observing human agents," said Scott Kohn, chief channel officer at IPsoft, in a statement.

"Delivering remarkable customer experience is our goal at Genesys, and that's why we're really excited to make Amelia available to our joint customers on AppFoundry," said Juergen Tolksdorf, senior director of independent software vendors and technology alliances at Genesys, in a statement. "This integration provides AppFoundry customers with a unique opportunity to leverage IPsoft's ground-breaking cognitive digital colleague and offer consistently outstanding brand encounters, with communication, personalization, and seamless consumer experiences at the core."