IBM Launches Global Consulting Practice Using Customer Experience Data

IBM has launched a global consulting practice, IBM Interactive Experience, which blends research from several of its entities including its Customer Experience Lab.  

IBM said that the new practice will help clients create a front-end, individual engagement, assimilate massive volumes of data -- including the information on individual decisions, choices, preferences and attitudes – and then convert that insight into high-value outcomes ranging from personalization to business model redesign.

As part of the announcement, IBM is releasing new data-driven capabilities for the C-suite including:

  • Life Event Detection -- Analyzes unstructured social media data to detect important events in customers' lives. For example, this technology can assess specific "life events" like a marriage and then make correlations to a range of financial decisions.
  • Behavioral Pricing -- An algorithm that combines behavioral models on consumer response to pricing, such as 'surprise' and 'thrill of a deal', with historical transaction data to help retailers design personalized pricing strategies that help consumers make purchasing decisions and improve their experience.
  • Psycholinguistic Analytics – An algorithm that combines the psychology of language with social media data to understand inherent personality traits of individuals and identify their preferences. This technology goes beyond generalizations and recognizes the individuals to identify how they prefer to receive and consume information and offers.

"We intentionally created this practice inside the broader consulting capability of our newly formed Strategy and Analytics Service Line, because the definition of high-value in business services is evolving across a continuum of experience design, data, and business strategy," said Paul Papas, the newly appointed managing partner of the IBM Interactive Experience practice, in a statement. "This level of integration anticipates that client agenda and creates the next-generation services organization -- the first true digital agency and systems integrator."

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Posted November 06, 2014