Humach Launches mAI Pilot

Customer experience automation solutions provider Humach today launched mAI Pilot, an artificial intelligence platform for digital agents and digital assist technology for live agents.

This conversational intelligence platform is based on natural language understanding of large language models (LLMs) customized for each enterprise. These custom language models (CLMs) ensure that responses to customer questions are highly tuned for relevance based on customer accounts, recent activity, and information specific to the enterprise's domain expertise.

"Humach's ability to deliver an AI solution-in-a-box for call centers sets us apart from generic solutions prevalent today that usually stop at call transcription and analysis," said Tim Houlne, CEO of Humach, in a statement. "Broad generative AI applications that are trained on wide swaths of the internet lack the domain-specific expertise of a single enterprise or the account-specific nuance necessary to address customer inquiries."

mAI Pilot features include the following:

  • Digital Agent, a fully automated, conversational agent that can support text (chat and SMS) and voice channels and any number of scenarios where knowledge can be derived from the corpus of enterprise information contained in the CLM.
  • Digital Assist, which helps a human agent if a call is escalated from the Digital Agent. Here, the handoff is made with account validation, a transcript of the call to date, customer account details, etc., and then the Digital Assistant surfaces suggested information via AI-generated prompts and real-time sentiment analysis to the live agent.
  • Interaction Analyzer, which provides post-call transcription, sentiment analysis, auto entity detection, and transcript summarization.
  • Full data analytics and dashboarding that includes agent summary and analysis and call trend analysis.