Hoopla and Gainsight Partner to Deliver Integrated Sales Motivation and Customer Success Solution

Hoopla, a provider of sales motivation solutions and Gainsight, a customer success solution developer, has formed a partnership to deliver an integrated sales motivation and customer success solution. The two cloud software providers have partnered to integrate Hoopla's Sales Motivation software with Gainsight's Customer Success platform.

Hoopla's Sales Motivation Platform makes it easy for managers to motivate team performance using a combination of gamification, competition and data analytics. Leveraging data analytics, Gainsight's Customer Success Platform helps businesses proactively manage customer retention and identify upsell opportunities by providing a unified view of customer health and trends.

“Just as any company should have a strategy around marketing, lead gen and sales, it should also have a plan around customer success and customer retention,’ said said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, in a statement. “This has quickly resonated within the C-Suite across many different organizations today. By integrating our solutions, we can provide our customers with the tools they need to connect revenue-generating teams to the company's performance in a very powerful way."

"Motivating and recognizing customer success team performance is crucial for any SaaS or recurring revenue business," said Mike Smalls, founder and CEO of Hoopla, in a statement. "Since a customer success team's relationship with the end-customer results in increased revenue and renewals, the integration of Hoopla and Gainsight offers great economic value to the business."