Helpshift Launches Feedback Plus for Its New Metashift Product

Helpshift, a provider of in-app customer service and user support, today launched Feedback+, a free plan for in-app and metaverse customer support. This is Phase One of the company's rollout of Metashift, its patented user support and customer service solution for the metaverse.

Feedback+ is a free plan to equip app developers with capabilities for customers to offer feedback, report bugs, and suggest improvements, all within the app. It also includes a customizable help center for FAQs.

"The future of customer support is in the app, and as the line between the mobile world and the metaverse blurs, brands need to be able to deliver support seamlessly within the immersive worlds where users gather to engage in new ways," said Eric Vermillion, CEO of Helpshift, in a statement. "The stairway to that future of support starts with a foundation of feedback. Helpshift has launched the first phase of Metashift, our Feedback+ SDK, to enable app creators to collect and analyze feedback and crash reports, equipping them with the metadata and knowledge needed to iterate on their product and ultimately provide an outstanding experience through their app."

As Metashift continues to roll out, additional features, like blockchain verification, native in-VR Support, and the ability to collect feedback within VR experiences, are planned.

"Our new Feedback+ SDK is focused on helping app creators drive growth through an incredible product experience and continue to capitalize on the emerging opportunities of the Metaverse," Vermillion said. "When the in-VR feedback features become available, Feedback+ users will already be steps ahead of their competition in the metaverse. We've said for a long time that we're on a mission to rid the world of bad customer service… well, now that mission includes the metaverse too."

Helpshift's Feedback+ is available for free. With it, product teams can receive up to 250 feedback/bug report sessions per month.