HP Unveils Qfiniti Managed Services

HP Software has introduced HP Qfiniti Managed Services, an integrated workforce optimization and multichannel voice of the customer analytics on demand solution for contact centers.

HP Qfiniti Managed Services combines custom-built versions of HP Qfiniti and HP Explore with custom-configured HPE Moonshot hardware to deliver full-time voice and screen recordings and 100 percent speech analytics.

"Many of today's enterprise contact centers rely on complex and expensive legacy systems to deliver customer service and support," said Jeff Westover, worldwide head of HP Qfiniti, in a statement. "These dated systems are rigid and have not evolved to meet the needs of today's analytics-driven business environment. HP Qfiniti Managed Services represents a paradigm shift for the industry and marks the start of a new generation of workforce optimization."

"High hardware requirements have kept enterprise contact centers from analyzing 100 percent of their calls," added Sukumar Ramaraj, head of product for HP Qfiniti, in a statement. "Most contact centers throw away call recordings that hold valuable insights. HP Qfiniti Managed Services solves this problem in the most elegant way. A single HP Qfiniti Managed Services system can perform full-time call recording and 100 percent speech analytics on up to 1,800 agents, while occupying 76 percent less space and consuming 65 percent less power, offering potential savings of 46 percent in total cost of ownership."

HP Qfiniti Managed Services delivers the entire HP WFO software suite on a single HP Moonshot system, HP's highly-integrated server configuration.

"The Moonshot System provides a high-density infrastructure with incredible scalability and energy efficiency, making it the ideal platform for HP Qfiniti Managed Services. Moonshot enables a seamless and highly-reliable managed service in a cost-effective form," said Paul Santeler, vice president and general manager of Moonshot Servers at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, in a statement.

Software and hardware are easily integrated into existing contact center infrastructures and flexibly licensed on demand. HP handles management and maintenance.

"HP Qfiniti Managed Services resets the WFO paradigm," said Keith Dawson, principal analyst and leader of Ovum's Customer Engagement Practice, in a statement. "Enterprises seek new ways to provide better experiences without the pressures of the software infrastructure. By offering top-quality WFO in a new managed services format, HP offers fresh options for resource optimization, and, in the process, is disrupting this critical market segment."

HP Qfiniti Managed Services is currently being deployed with a select set of early customers, and will be generally available by the end of the year.