HGS Launches Agent X

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) has launched HGS Agent X, a single, integrated artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and analytics-powered user interface for contact center operatons.

HGS Agent X transcribes 100 percent of voice of the customer and uses this insight to power agent engagements with a unified knowledge base and learning and engagement tools.

"Agent X puts a full complement of integrated tools in the hands of call center agents to give them a 360-degree view of the customers with whom they are interacting," said Venkatesh Korla, president and CEO of HGS Digital, in a statement. "This interface strikes a true balance between the use of talent and technology, or bots and brains, to provide the best experiences for customers and the agents that support them."

HGS Agent X is a set of pre-built automation accelerators for common contact center platforms with standardized modules. It includes the following:

  • Real-time Live Assist function for predictive, fast responses;
  • Smart Actions to eliminate repetitive tasks;
  • Real-time speech and text transcription and sentiment analysis;
  • Smart knowledge management and real-time knowledge assist;
  • Integrated ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI functionality;
  • Contextualized insights to personalize the on-going interaction;
  • Intelligence to optimize operations and performance;
  • Interactions Intelligence to derive actionable insights;
  • CSAT (customer satisfaction) and ASAT (agent satisfaction) scoring;
  • Automated quality analysis and checks;
  • Team and agent performance;
  • Organizational analytics and operational insights;

Agent X also offers on-demand knowledge base and gamified incentivization for expanding job proficiency.