GoTo Launches GoTo Customer Engagement

GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) has launched GoTo Customer Engagement, a multichannel solution that brings together GoTo Connect phone system and customer communication tools, analytics, and digital channels within a shared unified inbox.

The GoTo Customer Engagement solution helps businesses meet customers wherever they communicate through personalization, hyperlinks, and scheduled campaigns, all managed in a centralized inbox. It also includes custom surveys.

"With GoTo Connect, our customers already rely on us for phone conversations with their customers. Now we're expanding our offerings to include an even more robust solution that provides additional digital communication channels to grow their business faster and further," said Damon Covey, head of product at GoTo, in a statement. "We've listened to our customers' needs and with GoTo Customer Engagement, we're giving businesses the ability to easily connect with their customers in the ways they want across phone, SMS, webchat, and social media channel. All without the hassle of managing multiple tools."