GoTo Launches Contact Center Pro

GoTo, an IT management, support, and business communications company, today introduced GoTo Contact Center Pro, expanding its contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) offerings to midsized and large companies.

GoTo Contact Center Pro offers the following:

  • Advanced omnichannel capabilities.
  • Advanced analytics and campaign management tools.
  • Agent analytics and real-time reporting.
  • Iintegrations with most CRM, workforce management, and productivity apps.

"GoTo has helped nearly a million organizations with their IT and business communications needs, and in doing so, we've gained a deep understanding of what companies really need. We've harnessed this knowledge and experience to expand our CCaaS offerings to mid-market businesses and enterprises with the launch of GoTo Contact Center Pro," said Olga Lagunova, chief product and technology officer of GoTo, in a statement. "GoTo Contact Center Pro provides growing businesses with a modern contact center solution they can trust without compromising on features, cost, or simplicity. That's something traditional contact center vendors simply cannot offer."