Glia and Clinc Partner

Glia has integrated Clinc's converstional artificial intelligence technology into its Digital Customer Service platform.

Clinc's conversational AI platform uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence that learns patterns in speech to recognize slang and understand contextual tools. Through the integration with Glia, Clinc's virtual banking assistant can respond to inquiries, and when more complex inquiries occur, it can seamlessly transfer interactions to customer service representatives through Glia's live chat if needed.

Through this partnership, customers will be able to communicate with their financial institutions through whichever methods they prefer, including messaging, video banking, and voice, and guide them using co-browsing.

"Glia has a strong reputation and impressive traction in the financial services space; they understand that the future is digital," said John Lichtenberg, chief marketing officer of Clinc, in a statement. "As branches across the country continue to close, digital channels have become the primary touchpoint between financial institutions and their customers. Banks and credit unions must not only offer an exceptional digital banking experience but must improve support and engagement models within these channels as well, backed by intelligent and powerful AI. With Glia, we're helping more institutions modernize the customer experience to meet new demands."

"Clinc's virtual banking assistants are able to communicate with customers in a natural, intuitive way, making engagements more successful and productive," said Steven Kaish, senior vice president of product marketing and alliances at Glia, in a statement. "Integrating Clinc's technology into our Digital Customer Service platform will allow us to better support financial institutions by enabling them to leverage a strategic blend of automation and the human touch. Together, we're helping banks and credit unions enhance customer engagements, cut costs and more seamlessly scale."