Genesys Introduces Cloud AI Experience for Orchestrating Customer Journeys

Genesys today introduced Genesys Cloud AI Experience to help organizations optimize customer journeys through accelerated experience innovation powered by smarter personalization, automation, and prediction.

Now with greater ability to predict actions, automate journeys in real time, and drive toward outcomes, Genesys Cloud AI Experience enables organization to orchestrate people-centric experiences at scale and integrate real-time data and customer signals to orchestrate and optimize proactive, personalized engagement across digital and voice touchpoints.

Genesys Cloud AI Experience combines conversational artificial intelligence, knowledge, agent assistance, predictive routing, and predictive engagement into a single integrated solution. It embeds intelligence and intent across the end-to-end experience, allowing organizations to recognize the needs of every customer at any stage of a journey.

In addition, the solution helps organizations extract more value from their data so self-service and employee-assisted engagements can be fine-tuned.

The newly enhanced components of Genesys Cloud AI Experience include the following:

  • The new Genesys digital bot flow builder, which allows organizations to differentiate their customer self-service experiences using rich media, images, visual menus, added languages, and more.
  • A new centralized workbench powering self-serve and human-assisted service. Now, with access to images, dynamic articles, enhanced language dimensions, and expanded search capabilities, organizations have smart tools at their disposal to support customers in real time.
  • A new knowledge optimizer that gives organizations deeper visibility into content effectiveness and usage, helping them detect the most valuable customer resources.
  • An explainability feature to AI routing, supplying insights into the factors driving better customer outcomes across voice and digital channels. It's visualized, explained, and accessed through a Genesys Predictive Routing guide that pinpoints features in its AI model via a dashboard.
  • AI-driven orchestration optimization with embedded data services. Interaction data is captured while speech and text analytics, intent mining, and identity resolution are automatically applied.
  • The audience size estimator recently added to Genesys Predictive Engagement, so employees can see the impact of their predictive strategies on their operations.

"As a pioneer in experience-as-a-service, we're making it easier for organizations of all sizes and scale to stay ahead of changing consumers' needs through experience orchestration. Using Genesys Cloud AI Experience, we're giving organizations a powerful foundation to help them innovate effortlessly and wow their customers through more proactive, personalized experiences," said Olivier Jouve, executive vice president and general manager of Genesys Cloud CX, in a statement.

"While AI and automation tools permeate throughout the customer and employee lifecycle, they are often adopted as separate point solutions that limit the ability to address consumers' journeys holistically," said Dave Schubmehl, research vice president for conversational AI at IDC, in a statement. "Organizations that leverage the integrated AI capabilities of Genesys Cloud AI Experience are positioned to address radically different use cases in customer experience, increasing the breadth of their impact."