Forty 7 Ronin and GM Voices Partner

Forty 7 Ronin, a provider of interactive voice response (IVR) design and deployment, has partnered with GM Voices, a provider of professionally-recorded voices for IVR, auto attendant, call routing, text-to-speech creation, in-car GPS, and telematics applications. The two companies have combined their product and service portfolios to offer an IVR Optimization Service package to improve IVR and contact center performance.

Specifically, Forty 7 Ronin and GM Voices will perform these services:

  • Voice recording in more than 100 languages;
  • Persona development and audience engagement;
  • Establishing call center metrics directly impacted by the IVR system, including average handling time, call abandon rate, call containment rate, zero out rate, and agent-productivity measurements;
  • VUI and IVR design and development, including mapping call flows, creating function-point analysis, business process flows, competitive analysis, IVR system design, implementation, and testing;
  • IVR performance tuning, including transcribing and monitoring calls to reduce out-of-grammar utterances; fixing confusing menus to reduce caller frustration; and instituting virtual queuing to book appointments or let customers wait remotely.

"We are extremely pleased to create a joint offering with GM Voices. Their global leadership in professionally recorded voice, language localization, persona development, and voice branding solutions definitely complements our company's IVR technology services," said Mark Stallings, managing director of Forty 7 Ronin, in a statement.

"Forty 7 Ronin is an excellent partner for our company. We wanted to team our voice services with one of the best IVR technology services companies to create a complete IVR optimization program. Mark and the rest of his organization meet that standard, and this is a great example of creating marketplace synergy that integrates branded voice with IVR improvements," said Marcus Graham, founder and CEO of GM Voices, in a statement.