Forty 7 Ronin Launches QuickStart IVR Performance Tuning

Forty 7 Ronin, a provider of interactive voice response (IVR) design and deployment, has launched its IVR Performance Tuning QuickStart Service.

Forty 7 Ronin's transcription and tuning services will help companies do the following:

  • Reduce average call handling time;
  • Improve call containment;
  • Boost customer satisfaction;
  • Decrease abandon rate;
  • Reduce agent staffing; and
  • Create rapid ROI.

"Productivity and customer satisfaction accelerate with our QuickStart or Full-Scope IVR Performance Tuning Services. We designed these refreshingly simple tuning options and customized managed services packages for easy, streamlined analysis and continuous improvement," said Forty 7 Ronin's managing partner, Mark Stallings, in a statement.