Forrester Says Ally Bank Excels in Customer Service

For the second time this year, Ally Bank has been ranked Best In Class among all 299 brands covered in Forrester's Q3 2015 US CX Index. Ally Bank made the top 15 list for customer experience among all brands in Forrester's Q3 2015 US CX Index issued this month, as well as its Q1 2015 US CX Index issued in April.

Rankings for the Q3 2015 CX Index were based on consumers' opinions of their experiences with the brands in a survey conducted in April and May. Ally is Best-In-Class with a CX score of 79 and is among the top five best-performing banks.

"We are very pleased that Ally Bank ranked as one of the 15 highest-scoring brands two times in a row in Forrester's CX Index U.S. survey," said Diane Morais, CEO and president of Ally Bank, in a statement. "What is really significant about this report is that it found only 15 percent of brands deliver 'good' customer experiences. We are proud to be among the top-ranked brands, and we are committed to continuing to make focusing on our customers a strategic approach at Ally."

On all 3 E's of customer experience quality (effectiveness, ease, and emotion) Ally meets or exceeds nearly every score compared to the direct and traditional banking industry averages, and nearly three out of four Ally customers indicate a high likelihood for recommending the bank to others. According to Forrester, the best brands in the CX Index deliver on average 24 positive customer experiences for every negative experience, while the average for the 299 companies in the Index was 7.1.

The rankings in Forrester's proprietary Q3 2015 CX Index survey are based on responses from 45,320 respondents in the US.