Fin Adds Experiments to Work Insights Platform

Fin has launched Fin Experiments, an enhancement to Work Insights Platform that empowers operations and customer service teams to define and run tests when they're considering changes to a process.

With Experiments, operations and customer support leaders can answer questions like, Do our new knowledge base articles reduce context switching? or How do our new templates impact handle time?

With Experiments, teams define a hypothesis they want to test, select a group to include in the experiment, and specify a duration. Based on the parameters of the experiment, Fin generates a customized dashboard comparing the impact of that experiment compared to the status quo.

"A company's greatest asset is its people, yet knowledge work is one of the least measured aspects of a modern company," said Andrew Jordan, head of product at Fin, in a statement. "With Fin Experiments, we borrow techniques like A/B testing from digital marketing and bring them to the world of operations. Leaders no longer need to guess about the impact of a process change, they can measure it before rolling it out. We're excited to bring the benefits of continuous measurement to operations teams everywhere."