Enghouse Updates Quality Management Suite for Improved Customer Interactions

Enghouse Interactive has introduced version 5.3 of the Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite (QMS), its comprehensive IP call and computer recording, monitoring and evaluation software. QMS empowers managers to document customer interactions, identify and address trouble spots, and provide consistent, detailed and constructive feedback.

The latest in a series of releases, QMS 5.3 delivers an improved user experience that integrates seamlessly across call recording, computer recording, desktop monitoring, and agent evaluation capabilities. All modules are accessible from a single Web-based user interface, which features multimedia search capabilities including desktop captures and call recording, access to reports, interaction recordings, and evaluation capabilities.

"From observing processes to improving customer service, the business value of call recording and monitoring technology -- both inside and outside of the contact center -- transcends the barriers of vertical industry segmentation and has a truly universal relevance," said Enghouse Interactive vice president of product management, John Cray, in a statement. "The Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite features several advancements that amplify managers' ability to appraise skills, monitor and coach employees on how to improve their performance.”


With QMS 5.3, users are e-mailed links to interaction recordings directly from the Quality Management interface. QMS also features tools compatible with all Microsoft Lync environments, which have been further extended to include capturing audio from the edge, in addition to supporting the latest iterations of Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, and ShoreTel PBXs.

  • New NEC integrations: support for NEC SV8100, SV8300, SV8500, and 3C.
  • Added support for Avaya CS1000.
  • Refreshed support for ShoreTel TAPI and ShoreTel TAPI/WAV integrations.
  • Refreshed support for Mitel and improvements to Mitel Secure Recording Connector (SRC) integration.
  • Lync administrators empowered with duplicate recording/dual end points for the Quality Management Server, alerting for front-end server plug-in outages, and diagnostic tools for real- time performance monitoring.

Improved integration between the Quality Management Suite and the Enghouse Interactive product portfolio including operator console, and contact center offerings, such as Enghouse Interactive Communications Center (EICC) and Contact Center Enterprise (CCE), allows for a more synchronized user experience.

Agent 'hot-desking' support provides flexibility to the contact center by allowing users to operate from any extension. Extended recording profile rules support contact center information, which provides additional control over which calls are, or are not recorded. Customers can define which contact center data (flags) are displayed in the recording search feature, as the search of records can be tailored to reflect specific customer requirements.

In addition to providing the ability to capture and evaluate customer communications, desktop monitoring capabilities allow administrators to selectively record and monitor specific business applications.