Enghouse Launches EnghouseAI Suite

Enghouse Interactive, a provider of customer experience (CX) solutions, has launched its next-generation artificial intelligence products to enhance contact center capabilities, improve agent productivity, and provide insights from customer interactions.

Key benefits of EnghouseAI's products include the following:

  • Real-time agent assistance and translation;
  • Real-time and post-interaction coaching;
  • Automated summarization of customer conversations;
  • Automated agent evaluation and scorecards;
  • Voice of the customer insights that highlight customer sentiment, identify business product or service gaps, and reveal growth opportunities.

"We are very excited to introduce EnghouseAI, a solution set that directly impacts the most critical stakeholder for most companies—their customers. Our deep AI expertise ensures that all products in EnghouseAI have robust guardrails, safeguarding communication and data integrity," said Ben Levy, chief technology officer of Enghouse Interactive, in a statement.