Empirix Enhances VoiceWatch

Empirix, a provider of contact center assurance and end-to-end network performance visibility, has enhanced its VoiceWatch service running on the Hammer Cloud Platform, Empirix's cloud-based testing and monitoring service for pre-production and production environments.

The solution relies on transactional call flows that emulate customers' end-to-end experiences in the contact center with phone calls automatically placed and measured every few minutes. VoiceWatch provides a comprehensive user experience simulation application to audit and measure operational performance degradations or service glitches.

The latest version of VoiceWatch offers a drag-and-drop diagramming tool to develop ad hoc scripts with the new CallMaster GO interface. Saved schedules offer flexibility in monitoring and control of test execution on holidays and off hours, while enhanced speech recognition capabilities ensure monitoring of today’s dynamic and personalized voice interfaces.

These enhancements better support agile development methodologies and enable Empirix users to adjust their monitoring strategies and deploy monitoring scripts faster. VoiceWatch can also reuse Empirix Sprint test scripts for production monitoring.

"We are excited about the new enhancements to our VoiceWatch service," said Brian Whitefield, vice president of professional services and support at Empirix, in a statement. "With contact center operations around the world relying on VoiceWatch to ensure best-in-class customer experiences, it's critical that organizations develop, deploy, and manage monitoring scripts in the manner that's best for their dynamic environments. VoiceWatch provides that."