Discourse.ai Unveils System of Record for Customer Conversations

Discourse.ai today introduced its artificial intelligence-based System of Record for Customer Conversations as part of its patent-pending Discourse.ai Cognition platform, which includes a Conversation Graph data store, Conversation Insights for analyzing customer behavior, integration with common bot frameworks, and a RESTful API for predicting the next-best action or intent and extracting entities using a proprietary financial services ontology.

The Cognition platform ingests historical and real-time customer chat and transcribed voice conversations and then automatically classifies and annotates the data with semantic meaning. Its Conversation Graph stores the organizational knowledge and customer content for all agent and chatbot conversations. It creates automated conversations and transactions for customers.

"The Discourse.ai Cognition platform promises significant business value by providing a much-needed conversation system of record that makes the most of disparate data sources to support a broad spectrum of bots, virtual agents and intelligent assistants," said Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder of Opus Research.

"Our research shows that only 30 percent of customer interactions are automated today. We are filling this void in the market with technology that solves the problems inherent with the process of automation. Every conversation a company will have today is probably well-represented in all of the conversations they’ve had with customers to date. Since customer service agents are the front line of any company’s brand, they know how to have customer conversations better than anyone in the organization. It makes sense to harvest, centralize, and extend this expertise instead of starting from scratch, which is time-consuming, expensive, and often frustrates users," said Jonathan Eisenzopf, founder and CEO of Discourse.ai, in a statement.

With the Cognition platform, Discourse.ai customers can create thousands of intents using existing call and chat conversations in as few as 12 weeks. Additionally, current chatbots on average support a max of four conversational turns before requiring human assistance. Discourse.ai has already proven performance of more than 30 conversational turns before human assistance would be required.

Discourse.ai's platform can support all industries, though the company today is focused on serving large business-to-consumer financial services companies.