Cyara Releases Contact Center Testing Platform

Cyara, a customer experience contact center testing provider, has launched its next-generation, automated, testing platform which can decrease organizational testing efforts 30 to 90 percent in most cases.

The Cyara FIVE customer experience contact center testing platform is designed to help organizations test and manage telephony, IVR, speech recognition, computer-telephony integration (CTI), routing and agent desktop technologies in a way that supports an organization’s business and customer experience goals.

As business goals and customer demands change, modifications to the technologies that run the contact center can unintentionally break the customer service delivery model. Through testing, organizations can run simulated changes and determine the best way to make changes that support business goals, without eroding critical customer experiences.

“Existing Cyara customers can expect to decrease testing efforts by another 30 percent with the Cyara FIVE testing platform,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO, Cyara, in a statement. “Enterprises new to Cyara FIVE and moving away from disconnected manual and vendor-controlled load testing processes can expect to decrease testing efforts by up to 90 percent.”

According to the company, Cyara FIVE is the first comprehensive, automated customer experience testing platform in the world and is the only one that is easy-to-use by non-technical testers. This frees contact center technology managers from relying on his or her testing vendor to develop test cases and manage the platform. It also puts control of the customer experience back in the hands of the contact center.

“The contact center, more than any other business department, has direct, real-time impact on creating a positive customer relationship,” said Dan Miller, senior analyst and founder, Opus Research, in a statement. “Testing gives enterprises the confidence to take control of the quality of every customer conversation by supporting their device-of-choice, channel-of-choice and time-of-convenience.”

Cyara FIVE is available immediately for on premise installation and will be live in the Cyara Cloud at the end of June 2014.

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Posted May 04, 2016