Conversica Enhances AI Conversational Platform

Conversica, a provider of intelligent virtual assistants, has enhanced its conversational artificial intelligence platform to provide users with greater flexibility to personalize conversations, easier-to-use interfaces, and more controls over the Conversica AI platform and the conversations it powers.

"Our design philosophy centers around our AI assistants being easy to use and productive from day one. These innovative product enhancements are proof that we're putting these ideas into action as we continue to build out our award-winning platform," said Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica, in a statement. "We're placing the power of AI within reach for every marketing, sales, and customer success department and enabling those teams to engage their prospects and customers with highly personalized and nuanced conversations at scale."

Conversica now includes a next-generation Conversation Editor, an administrative interface for configuring AI-powered conversations and visualizing conversation flows; User Profiles, which provide easier management of user access control over the administrative interface; an expanded library of conversation types; and additional integrations with third-party software.

"The ability to easily personalize conversations has allowed us to tailor responses with a high degree of specificity. We are able to communicate more relevant information to our prospects, helping to engage them and move them through the funnel more rapidly. The Conversation Editor is so easy to use we can very quickly make changes to fine-tune our nurture process," said Emily Ketchum, senior manager of global marketing operations at Fuze, an early user of the new product, in a statemenmt.

Conversica is also pre-announcing Conversica Answers, a client-facing capability that detects and responds to frequently asked questions. Conversica Answers enables Conversica AI Assistants to respond to common questions from sales leads and customers with tailored answers, encouraging a natural, progressive conversation that delivers a better experience while advancing a conversation. This capability will be available later this year.