ContactRelief Launches Disaster Decision Engine for Contact Centers

ContactRelief, a Houston-based startup, today launched the Disaster Decision Engine, a cloud-based service that monitors for adverse events, such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other man-made and natural disasters and then uses specially designed rules to recommend where and when contact centers should suspend and ultimately restart contact with consumers.

ContactRelief offers a new approach to contact operations that lets contact centers custom-tailor their contact operations using real-time, hyper-localized disaster data.

"Outbound contact is the contact center's collections and sales driver," said Doug Schultz, chairman of ContactRelief, in a statement. "But when disaster strikes, knowing when, and more importantly, when not to call consumers can have a lasting effect on brand reputation, agent efficiencies, compliance, and overall sales. As seasoned contact center operators ourselves, we understand the importance of accurate and timely disaster data in contact operations. That's why we believe real-time disaster data is essential in making smart business decisions."

"By using our product, companies can demonstrate their compassion to consumers in times of disaster, enhance their brand image, while optimizing calling efficiency and avoiding compliance risk concerns," said Mike Chandler, CEO of ContactRelief, in a statement.