Cloudbakers Launches Instant CSAT Solution Using Google Cloud Platform

Cloudbakers has launched Instant CSAT, a tool allowing companies to gauge customer satisfaction by analyzing multiple streams of real-time interactions. The solution uses Google Cloud Natural Language API to provide visuals to increase customer loyalty.

The platform can analyze communication channels, like support tickets and other message portals. It uses sentiment analysis, allowing companies to gather and analyze text data from their communication platforms and gives them direct insight into the satisfaction levels of their customers.

"Clients have many data streams. Our job is to help identify the valuable data in those streams, bring them together in a data warehouse, analyze with machine learning tools, and report back to the customer in a meaningful way. The value Google Cloud provides is a reliable and scalable infrastructure, easy-to-use APIs, and expertise in data analytics," said Eric Lannert, chief technology officer at Cloudbakers, in a statement.

One of the first companies to implement this solution was Barton Associates, a healthcare staffing company.

"The key to Barton's success lies in our ability to select the right partner for each of our organizations' needs. Cloudbakers fit our needs perfectly. Their approach, knowledge, advocacy, and execution have been second to none," said Daniel Goldenberg, director of IT infrastructure at Barton Associates, in a statement.

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Posted August 10, 2018