Clarity Connect 3.2 Adds Microsoft Exchange and for Contact Centers

Clarity announced the latest release of its native Microsoft Lync contact center solution, Clarity Connect 3.2. The solution adds native integration with Microsoft Exchange to provide email routing, as well as out-of-the-box integration with As with previous versions, Clarity Connect 3.2 seamlessly allows organizations with the ability to leverage their investment in Microsoft Lync to solve internal and external customer service problems.

The Salesforce integration allows important customer information to load directly within the Clarity Connect agent console, allowing agents to quickly receive customer context such as account and call history information, the company said. 

“Now, contact center agents and help desk employees can handle support emails just as they would handle any other type of support inquiry,” said Jeremy Puent, product manager, Clarity Connect, in a statement. “Clarity Connect can integrate with virtually any Web-based, third-party application. This means customers using our product can now cross-reference with their client information and arm support staff with the resources they need to quickly resolve issues."