Clarabridge and Expion Combine Social Analytic Solution That Targets Consumer Influencers

Clarabridge, a customer experience management (CEM) provider, has partnered with Exion, an enterprise content marketing optimization and analytics platform provider, marrying big data customer analytics from multichannel customer feedback into relevant content to engage with customers across all channels in real-time.

The companies said that the partnership will enable clients to tap into feedback from all channels, distill big-data insights, issues and actions from all customer experiences, and support relevant, targeted engagement across social networking and other channels.

Through this partnership, organizations will be able to take advantage of a unique integrated solution that will enable them to manage organic and paid social marketing programs, interact with consumers across all media and target influencers for immediate and meaningful conversations.

The partnership combines Clarabridge’s ability to listen and analyze all customer feedback across all channels to extract marketing, social care and customer experience insights with Expion’s social marketing and engagement platform. For clients this provides a single hub to listen, understand, and act on all consumer feedback, by placing the right content in front of the most influential consumers.

Organizations will have the ability to improve brand loyalty and satisfaction by engaging with consumers based on their specific feedback and sentiment across all sources throughout the enterprise. Additionally, the technology can filter individual conversations, score content, share and distribute the best performing content through the enterprise, selecting whom best to reach and how to position the next social campaign using earned, owned and paid media.

“Marketing organizations are looking for technology solutions that enable customer intimacy through optimized content in real-time. We are excited to provide a solution with Expion that enables this across all enterprise sources and target influencers for immediate and meaningful conversations,” said Sid Banerjee, CEO, Clarabridge, in statement. “It creates efficiency in social marketing and engagement allowing companies to optimize marketing to the right people, with the right offers, across the right channels, to achieve maximum impact; the effect is more impact with more efficiency.”