Clarabridge Launches Clara Omnichannel Intelligent Agent

Clarabridge, a provider of customer experience management solutions, has introduced Clara, an intelligent agent powered by Clarabridge's text analytics engine to help companies understand the voice of the customer (VOC) across multiple channels including surveys, social media, contact center and more.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Clara suggests solutions to common customer issues and feedback.

Clara's first integration is through conversational surveys, where the technology is applied to interpret the intent of customer feedback and automate real-time follow up questions targeted to that particular area of the business. Clara uses natural language processing(NLP) to interpret the topic of feedback, identify the sentiment of each customer inquiry, and deliver targeted follow-up questions. The sentiment is categorized using Clarabridge's Sentiment Analysis scale, but customers will see a visual representation of this sentiment through emojis or other visuals.

"Clara has been built to be the most accurate, actionable, and emotionally intuitive intelligent agent in the customer experience space," said Fabrice Martin, senior vice president of product management at Clarabridge, in a statement. "We started with surveys because, as our customers are well aware, due to survey fatigue it is increasingly difficult to draw out the root cause driving customer feedback and determine the required action. Clara provides a better way for large organizations to take confident action in the context of what matters most to your customers."

Clara will be built into all levels of the Clarabridge CX Suite of products. Clara’s capabilities and applications extend beyond just surveys. Using Clara, companies will also be able to optimize their social media management strategies. For every piece of feedback shared over social media, Clara will be able to predict and automate an appropriate respons. Clara also has back-end integrations that can help organizations better understand their customer data. The technology can recommend and run analyses on a variety of topics, pulling together customized reports and visual representations of data based on historical data.

"Harnessing customer feedback is only as good as your ability to accurately understand it," said Mark Bishof, CEO of Clarabridge, in a statement. "Our text analytics engine is simply the best and most reliable in the industry, and we're thrilled to introduce this ground-breaking use of our technology through Clara. Clara drills down to the true sentiment of what your customers are actually saying, permeating that actionable feedback across your organization. This type of AI-driven technology will separate the leaders from the laggards in the CX Revolution."

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Posted October 31, 2017