Clarabridge Launches AI-Augmented Quality Management Solution

Clarabridge, a customer experience management solutions provider, has launched aQuality Management (QM) solution that is enhanced by artificial intelligence.

The solution performs agent evaluations based on known drivers of desired business results derived through Clarabridge's Natural Language Understanding. It also relies on Clarabridge's patent-pending Intelligent Scoring feature, which incorporates AI-derived drivers into scoring criteria and automates the scoring process across all feedback channels.

As interactions are scored, integrated workflows escalate, alert, and notify relevant teams to violations or risky interactions, while also capturing and reporting on remediation efforts. Coaching moments are automatically curated in customized team-based inbox views for agents and managers to review and comment on score results. Agents can view their scores, filter and browse calls and interactions that are augmented with evaluation metrics, and flag evaluations they refute.

"Clarabridge's AI-augmented Quality Management solution transforms contact centers by modernizing antiquated manual processes and putting employees and customers first," said Mark Bishof, CEO of Clarabridge, in a statement. "By ensuring that prescribed behaviors are oriented to desired outcomes, coaching is conducted empathetically, and organizations are constantly improving through data-driven insights, contact center leaders can transform a cost center into a value center."

"Agents enjoy seeing the dashboards and visuals of their overall behaviors instead of just the few random calls that the quality assurance team previously scored manually every month," said Joe Borkowicz, chief experience officer at S3 Credit Union Services, in a statement. "Being able to see the breakdown of the types of calls each agent handles and their scores for the different topics is great and offers focused coaching opportunities."