Clarabridge Debuts Clara, an Intelligent Search Assistant

Clarabridge, a customer experience management solutions provider, has launched Clara, an intelligent search assistant providing critical answers to customer experience (CX), customer engagement, and contact center teams. Users type out the specific topic, event, or trend of interest, and Clara works across all customer feedback and interaction data sources to deliver visual results in seconds.

Clara can be accessed by all Clarabridge customers via Clarabridge Studio, its CX data analytics environment.

"We have completely redesigned our search capabilities from the ground-up to accelerate productivity. Clara answers questions with visual graphs showing the latest scores, trends, performance metrics, and more," said Fabrice Martin, Clarabridge's chief product officer, in a statement. "These results serve as a springboard for further data exploration and analysis. We're excited to see how Clara will help our customers as we continue to make her smarter with enhanced AI capabilities and more."

Clara is just one of the many features included in the Clarabridge Summer 2021 Product Release. Other highlights include new conversation intelligence capabilities, such as the ability to automatically evaluate the reasons behind cancellations, transfers, and holds during a customer call or chat.

In addition, Clarabridge has added pre-built connectors to integrate with existing technology nd help teams act on CX insights through automation. Clarabridge customers can now bring in data from Zendesk chats and non-conversational tickets, as well as calls and other data from Five9 and AWS S3. New outbound connectors for Qualtrics and Amazon S3 trigger workflows, alerts, and automated processes across systems.