Cisco Adds Features to Webex Contact Center

Cisco today at its Cisco Live US event unveiled a number of features for its Webex contact center and collaboration platforms.

The new features being introduced today include the following:

  • Native voice virtual agents embedded directly into Webex Cloud Contact Center.
  • Bring your own virtual agents, integrating select third-party virtual agents into Webex Contact Center using the Webex AppHub developer platform.
  • AI-powered Agent Wellness, which identifies when a contact center agent is close to burnout and automatically triggers actions, such as giving the agent a break, moving to a lower intensity digital channel, dynamically adjusting schedules, and more.
  • Automatic customer satisfaction scores based on an analysis of customer survey responses, including characteristics of interactions such as sentiment, hold times and more.
  • Topic analytics, to identify top call drivers and create automated workflows for topics ideal for proactive outbound communications and self-service options.
  • Ask AI Assistant during meeting recordings, allowing users to ask about anything covered during a Webex Meeting recording.
  • AI Assistant Custom Dictionary, which allows organizations to incorporate commonly used terms and acronyms into AI Assistant training data.
  • Be right back and catch me up features, so that when users step away from an in-progress meeting, video intelligence capabilities will detect the absence and automatically mute the microphone and disable the camera. When the user returns, the AI Assistant will give a summary of key highlights missed.