CallRail Launches Call Highlights Feature

CallRail, a call tracking and analytics provider, has launched Call Highlights, an artificial intelligence-driven extension of its keyword spotting technology within CallScribe that automatically detects and surfaces relevant keywords in phone calls.

While keyword spotting identifies pre-determined keywords and phrases within call transcriptions, CallRail's Call Highlights feature detects and proactively recommends new keywords to analyze. Based on these recommendations, CallRail users can adjust their keyword spotting settings to include these additional keywords for future analyses. Marketers can also export, report, and push insights from Call Highlights into apps or sites for improved analytics.

"These days, marketers can't afford to waste their ad dollars, and CallRail is continuing to develop products that help prioritize what's driving real results," said Kevin Mann, chief product officer and co-founder at CallRail, in a statement. "Call Highlights can reveal unique customer insights that marketers might have otherwise missed and use them to shape future marketing initiatives that will truly resonate with their target audiences."

Within two minutes of each phone call, users receive a full email report of a given conversation that includes any new keywords recommended by Call Highlights. Additionally, CallRail has improved transcriptions in email notifications; emails will now display transcriptions for the longest customer response in a conversation, which is most often when a customer explains his or her reason for calling.

"Our keyword spotting technology provides marketers with powerful insights, but Call Highlights clues them in on the full story," Mann said. "With Call Highlights, we're bringing those really hidden call insights to life to help marketers better determine why customers are picking up the phone. Armed with these insights, CallRail users can inform a more personalized customer experience and create more relevant campaigns."