CallMiner Launches Illuminate

CallMiner, a provider of speech and customer engagement interaction analytics, has released Illuminate, an artificial intelligence-driven search feature to help companies discover, extract, and act on insights from voice and text interactions with customers.

Illuminate helps identify trends in customer interaction data. Advanced AI dramatically simplifies and improves the depth, reach, and impact of user search and discovery initiatives. Based on keywords provided by the user, Illuminate leverages AI to identify other words and phrases mined from the customer interaction data that companies should consider including when they analyze and categorize given customer topics or issues. For example, a search for 'speak to a supervisor' might also surface occurrences of 'get a manager'. Illuminate instantly displays these suggestions.

"Illuminate shines a bright light on powerful customer insights. We're simplifying the process for analyzing customer and brand interactions, and in turn, making real-time agent guidance and strategic business-process transformation faster and more comprehensive," said Bruce McMahon, vice president of product at CallMiner, in a statement. "This new AI-driven intelligence expands the ability for our customers to uncover previously-hidden insights and leverage the findings to enhance customer experience, sales, marketing, operations, contact center performance, and more."

Nicholas Tully, speech analytics analyst at AFNI, said Illuminate "has really lightened our work effort, empowering us to make greater progress with category building. With Illuminate, speech analytics just got a whole lot brighter."

"Illuminate is, in simplest terms, a time-saver. The frustrating hours or days of imagining how agents and customers might be speaking about a particular topic can be drastically shortened," said Nick Morrison, customer satisfaction administrator at HomeAdvisor, in a statement. "Its beautiful little light bulb cut our initial search time by almost 50 percent and surfaced suggestions we would never have thought of on our own. Better categories produced in a shorter amount of time; [you] can't get better than that."