CallMiner Collaborates with Microsoft to Enhance AI Capabilities

CallMiner, a provider of conversation intelligence, has expanded its use of Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence (AI) as a Microsoft partner.

Through this collaboration, CallMiner will augment its AI capabilities with Azure Cognitive Services, part of Azure AI. CallMiner gains access to early release versions of OpenAI models in Azure OpenAI with Azure Speech to Text. Through the seamless combination of CallMiner's analytics with Azure AI and Azure Speech to Text, organizations gain the tools needed to turn customer insights into action.

"AI and machine learning has always been at the core of the CallMiner platform," said Jeff Gallino, chief technology officer of CallMiner, in a statement. "By combining the expertise of CallMiner's world-class data science team and platform with the power of Microsoft Azure, we're staying on the cutting edge of AI in the conversation intelligence market. As we continue to grow our footprint as a Microsoft partner, we're helping more organizations uncover deeper insights and intelligence from their customer interactions than ever before."

"AI continues to reshape applications at Microsoft and in our partner ecosystems," said John Montgomery, corporate vice president of AI platforms at Microsoft, in a statement. "As one of the top users of Microsoft Azure AI technology, CallMiner is delivering an innovative platform that adds significant value to our shared customers. I look forward to building on our collaboration and expanding these benefits to more organizations across a range of industries."