CallMiner Adds Visualize to Eureka Speech Analytics

CallMiner, provider of the Eureka speech and customer engagement analytics platform, today launched Eureka Visualize for graphical data discovery and presentation. Visualize, powered by business intelligence platform Tableau, brings speech analytics data to life through actionable insights displayed in a graphical dashboard.

A drag-and-drop dashboard configuration with a palette of charts and graphs makes Visualize customizable, or users can choose from a variety of pre-built reports. The interface lets users see where speech analytics data offers insight and opportunity for action, conduct before-and-after or A/B comparisons with root cause evidence, craft narratives with graphics; annotate for emphasis; and share across their organizations.

"Conversational insight from every contact center interaction colors your customer experience and agent quality optimization with rich data-driven focus," said Bruce McMahon, vice president of product at CallMiner, in a statement. "Visualize creatively works to turn data into a narrative with attractive, meaningful graphics, speeding the time to insights and action."

"CallMiner's enterprise-ready ability to capture intent, effort, and emotion from every contact center voice interaction, combined with Tableau's visual analytics, will empower organizations with creative insight that spans organizational boundaries," said Patrick Evans, senior director of global embedded analytics at Tableau, in a statement. "We're thrilled to see CallMiner take advantage of Tableau's open, flexible platform with the creation of this new offering that will help customers unlock more insights from their data."