CallJoy Updates Virtual Phone Agent

CallJoy, providers of a cloud-based virtual phone agent for small businesses, has upgraded its product with greater automation, customization, and scalability.

CallJoy's new version includes a more customizable and intelligent phone agent. Now, business owners can control what the agent's voice sounds like and exactly what it says to customers. They can also program their agents to route calls and answer common questions. Additionally, if dozens of callers dial the business at the same time, CallJoy can scale to handle each caller simultaneously.

"Since we launched CallJoy in May, we've talked to thousands of small business owners about their needs, specifically, how CallJoy could be more helpful to them," said Bob Summers, general manager of CallJoy, in a statement. "We took their feedback and put it into our product. Now, CallJoy gives them even more time savings, business insights, and control.