Call Journey Launches Data Bridge

Call Journey, a provider of conversation analytics solutions, has launched Data Bridge, a business intelligence connector that enables organizations to ingest voice data into their preferred data environments, analytics tools, or visualization platforms.

The Data Bridge business intelligence connector allows integration between Call Journey's Conversation Analytics technology and a wide range of BI applications, including Microsoft's Excel and Power BI, Salesforce's Tableau, Qlik, Domo, Sisense, and eMite.

Call Journey Data Bridge helps organizations identify emotional intelligence, agent or customer dominance on calls, overtalk, silence, confidence scores, and other call information. It is hosted on the Postgres database and scores each call according to the apps or models created.

"This powerful and versatile new tool will be vital in analyzing conversation data, harnessing crucial customer and employee insights, and making more informed decision across different use cases and aspects within the organization. We are seeing a significant amount of focus on organizations making more effective and crucial decisions based on data. With our new Data Bridge product, customers can now easily connect voice data into their preferred BI environment to get a richer, more powerful consolidated view of customers and employees," said Call Journey CEO Paul Humphrey in a statement.