Call Center Corp. and Coginov Launch AnswerClick Chat Tool

Call Center Corp. and Coginov, a provider of semantic search-based solutions, have released AnswerClick Chat, a Web-based tool for call centers.

AnswerClick, an engagement tool that uses natural language processing and semantics has added a chat module that is integrated to allow for a combined self-service and full service strategy. With the artificial intelligence of Coginov's Semantics engine, non-voice communication is powered through AnswerClick's Knowledgebase, the chat tool, mobile applications, and more. AnswerClick's Chat module will give agents the ability to interact efficiently with customers and quickly answer questions with ease and accuracy through the assistance of a knowledge base powered by Coginov's API.

Managers can expect to see an increase customer retention and satisfaction by 200 to 300 percent, the companies said. The self-service solution from AnswerClick's Chat tool also reduces direct inquiries by twenty percent.