Calabrio Releases Performance Coaching

Calabrio, a customer experience intelligence company, has launched Calabrio Performance Coaching, a solution for agent performance management, as a machine-learning-enabled module in the Calabrio ONE Workforce Engagement Management suite.

Calabrio Performance Coaching lets contact center managers record and track agent performance metrics and identify individual or team skill gaps.

Performance Coaching will function as an add-on to Quality Management in the Calabrio ONE suite and will do the following:

  • Identify opportunities for agent growth: Performance Coaching will allow managers to monitor agent interactions for potential skill and behavior gaps affecting customer experiences. Supervisors can identify how effective agents are with the tools at their disposal and track their performance across multiple interactions.
  • Provide agents with success strategies: The platform integration with Calabrio workforce management software will enable automatic training scheduling based on individual agent metrics or gaps. Performance Coaching will also integrate with learning management systems and gamification tools to reward improvement and success.
  • Provide coaches with feedback: Performance Coaching helps identify the best coaches and training tools in the organization and highlights which coaches excel in which performance areas.

"As the hybrid model cements itself in the world of work and agents find themselves feeling more isolated than ever, data and automated insights will not just apply to understanding customer journeys but those of frontline employees too," said Matt Matsui, chief product officer of Calabrio, in a statement. "Now, technology must empower our coaches, instantly highlighting areas where an agent struggles, succeeds, and where there are opportunities for development. Performance Coaching gives contact center leaders an efficient tool to ensure they are consistently putting their agents in a position to succeed and provide the best service possible to customers."