CXInfintiy Links WhatsApp with Cisco Finesse Contact Centers

CXInfinity, providers of a customer engagement platform, has created a WhatsApp business integration for Cisco Finesse contact centers, including those running Cisco's& Finesse UCCX, UCCE, and PCCE contact center platforms.

The integration of Cisco Finesse with WhatsApp and other digital channels empowers agents to handle conversation across channels over a single interface. The interface is embedded within Finesse. Integration with third-party applications fetch required customer information and interaction history and deliver it to the agent screen.

CXInfinity also offers built-in productivity tools, such as Case Management and Knowledge Base, and supports all message formats, allowing agents to share documents, photos, audio, videos, and more.

"With the world moving over WhatsApp, and 65 billion messages shared every day over the platform, we don't want your businesses to lag. So, CXInfinity offers a single console system to handle all channels over one interface, without the need for creating different teams to handle different channels," Amit Gandhi, CEO of CXInfinity, said in a statement. "Today customers hate to hold and expect businesses to be everywhere. CXInfinity works on the principle of engaging with customers when and where it matters, and WhatsApp is a crucial engagement platform. So, we offer seamless integration of Finesse with the app to connect with the customer of their loved platform. You can start a conversation with seamless WhatsApp business integration with CXInfinity for Cisco agents any time without losing context and customer information displayed over the agent screen for personalized communication every time."