CRMNext Launches Open Communication Platform

CRMNEXT, a provider of digital technology for the banking and insurance industry, has launched Open Communication Platform (OCP),a modern customer service and engagement platform with artificial intelligence capabilities built in.

CRMNext's OCP supports text messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Business, Facebook Messenger, chatbots, and more, as well as voice telephony channels like AWS Connect, WebEx, Avaya, and more.

Some of OCP's capabilities include the following:

  • Real time Business Fabric, to deliver concierge-like experience with more real-time actions, intelligence, and seamless handover across channels while preserving the context of conversations;
  • SoftPhone integration to embed third-party dialers to the action tray of agent workbench console views;
  • AI-driven Knowledge Base;
  • AI-driven Insight Cards;
  • Sentiment Analysis;
  • Conference Chat with Supervisor; and
  • Connected Workspace, with Facebook chat integration, chats in console view, speech-to-text recognition, and more.

"Across every business function and industry, our customers are redefining their customer, employee, partner, and product experiences. Open Communication Platform (OCP) continues to expand our vision of enabling companies to realize speed, agility, and efficiency in customer engagement. OCP creates a more connected customer experience by delivering instant connect, instant response, instant delight, and significantly boosting first-time resolutions," Sushil Tyagi, director of CRMNEXT, said in a statement.