BrainSell Launches Aircall Plugin for SugarCRM

BrainSell has partnered with Aircall, a cloud-based phone system provider, to create the Aircall Plugin for SugarCRM, which syncs call engagement data between the platforms.

This integration enables companies to keep SugarCRM up to date while engaging prospects within Aircall. Users can create, update, and convert leads inside Aircall.

With the plugin, customers of both Aircall and SugarCRM can do the following:

  • Automate data flow between both systems;
  • Streamline employee workflows; and
  • Simplify data recording.

"Aircall prides itself on being the phone system for modern, growing businesses, and simplicity in terms of setup and use is vital to appropriate adoption," said Gianna Scorsone, general manager and head of North America at Aircall, in a statement. "We are delighted to work with a partner like BrainSell that understands the technical needs of our customers and finds unique ways to make our offering even easier to work with. We look forward to continuing building upon this wonderful partnership."

"To deliver a truly high-definition customer experience, you need historical, present, and future visibility into customers' behavior," said Clint Oram, chief strategy officer of SugarCRM, in a statement. "Integrations like the Aircall Plugin for SugarCRM are vital to helping companies provide that unique customer experience and ensure they have a complete, holistic view of their customers' needs and goals."

"Businesses grow effectively when they have a tech infrastructure with solutions that seamlessly share data between one another," said Sonja Fridell, president of BrainSell, in a statement. "With the Aircall Plugin for SugarCRM, we help ensure that sales reps keep hitting the phone while also updating their CRM with all the valuable insights from their conversations with prospects and customers."