Bipath Launches Contact Cloud

Bipath has launched Contact Cloud, a cloud-based unified communications platform.

"The market is ripe for disruption, as there are many software companies offering businesses overpriced and limited call tracking solutions. Cost-effective UCaaS platforms in the marketplace are scarce. Contact Cloud is here to fill that void and do it in a support-focused, cost-responsible way to help businesses not just survive but grow," said Bipath CEO Michael Barnett in a statement.

Contact Cloud enables businesses to route customers to the right agents with minimum transfers. With a customizable view, users can navigate through past customer inquiries via calls, forms, chat, text messages, and faxes. Its call tracking feature lets businesses discover which campaign, ad, page, or post drives calls, texts, form fills, and chats.

Contact Cloud offers unlimited call recording storage and SMS campaign options for sending auto-respond, pre-scheduled, bulk, or one-off messages to customers. Bipath supports local and global businesses in 88 countries. It can be added to or completely replace existing phone systems.