BT Extends Cloud Contact Center Solution with Self-Service and Workforce Optimization

BT has expanded its set of cloud-based contact center capabilities for the U.S. market, which now includes workforce optimization (WFO), multi-channel capabilities and customer self-service options.

With an integrated approach to address contact center needs, BT’s Cloud Contact solutions allow businesses to scale based on demand, take advantage of the latest technologies without expensive upfront investments and connect remote contact center agents in an easy, cost-effective way. Customers can now significantly divert traffic away from the contact center and reduce costs to as little as 35 cents per transaction with BT’s self-service capabilities. Additionally, companies can improve efficiency and performance by leveraging advanced WFO tools for their existing contact center from $40 per user per month. 

BT’s solutions enable organizations to benefit from a globally dispersed or mobile, remote workforce, allowing agents to work from anywhere, at any time. Tesco, one of the world's largest retailers, is using BT’s Cloud Contact solution to virtualize its contact center services and give customers an enhanced, more flexible and more responsive contact center experience. The solution provides more than 200 home workers with an effective contact center environment and it enables calls to be directed efficiently and to the most appropriate agent with the skills to assist the caller.

Key services now available in the U.S. include:

  • BT Optimize Contact: a suite of optimization tools that help organizations improve efficiencies by giving them deeper insights into operations, including staffing and service levels, customer interaction voice recordings and speech analytics. Customer service agents typically account for the largestpercentage of contact center costs, creating a greater need for WFO solutions to make sure agent resources are leveraged appropriately to maximize performance. With technology from Verint, BT is able to provide a unified view of customer interactions and service levels to enable better decisions about workforce optimization and management.
  • BT Cloud Contact Cisco: a cloud-based IP contact center service based on Cisco’s UnifiedContactCenter technology. It is a fully functional multi-channel contact center solution designed to complement an organization’s existing IP telephony service. It enables agents to work from any location and to handle multi-channel contacts from across the globe, optimizing resources without the overhead of managing and maintaining physical infrastructure 24/7.
  • BT Auto Contact: an automated system that frees up agents to focus on more complex and revenue-generating calls by empowering customers with more choices to solve issues. Leveraging Voxeo’s Prophecy and CXP technologies, BT Auto Contact helps improve the overall customer experience with enhanced self-service options for customers, including mobile and online options, and has the potential to reduce contact center agent costs by up to 90 percent.

“Today, customers expect instant access to information and resources to solve their issues, regardless of the contact method they choose,” said Bas Burger, president of U.S. and Canada for BT Global Services, in a statement. “Cloud-based solutions may provide the answer for companies struggling to address rising customer expectations while also lowering costs. This is why BT has made significant investments in building out a full set of solutions for all contact center needs in the cloud.”