Authenticx Launches Quality Monitoring

Authenticx, a company that helps healthcare organizations listen to customer voices at scale, today introduced a quality management solution to strategically analyze contact center conversations and proactively surface areas of improvement and opportunity. Organizations can pair the new solution with other Authenticx features, like Smart Sample, to gather insights on agent quality.

"Healthcare organizations are always looking to improve quality, but reviewing processes and patient feedback is an arduous process without the help of technology like machine learning," said Amy Brown, founder and CEO of Authenticx, in a statement. "It's not easy for a human to translate unstructured data, like call recordings, into something both actionable and scalable. Not only have we made this possible at Authenticx, but our new quality offering advances the layers of insights to deliver improved QA scores, onboarding examples for new customer service agents, and feedback for agents post-interaction to improve their skills. In launching this quality solution, we're marrying qualitative and quantitative data so healthcare organizations can create the best, most empathetic patient experience possible."

Key features include the following:

  • Auto-scoring with machine learning built specifically for healthcare;
  • Agent coaching that tracks improvement and quality scores over time. Users can provide feedback based on evaluated conversations monitoring first call resolution, average time, accountability, business protocol, and more.
  • A montage library that provides high-impact training scenarios. Users can capture and share montages that highlight the positive impact agents have and build a library for onboarding.