Atento Adds Microsoft's Generative AI Solution

Atento, a provider of CRM and business process outsourcing services, is adopting Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to act as a pilot for customer service agents.

This new solution enables everything from the automatic distribution of processes to the most appropriate and agile response during any negotiation. Throughout the interaction, it also manages all stages of system formalization and status updates, integrating seamlessly with the communication channels chosen by the customer.

"The new solution allows for an even better experience between consumers and brands and is in line with an increasingly efficient and personalized service demanded by users. In a pilot that we implemented, in the first few weeks we noticed an increase of more than 20 percent in customer satisfaction," said Eduardo Aguirre, chief information officer of Atento, in a statement.

Data security, privacy, and compliance were key aspects in the development of the solution. With the capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service, information is anonymized and data is kept within Atento's environment and under the company's domain, adhering to all confidentiality standards.

"Atento is harnessing the power of AI not only to enhance customer service, but to increase team productivity. In these initial phases, we can already see positive results on both fronts, with teams benefiting from a copilot for certain tasks while focusing on other aspects of customer demands," said Christiano Faig, vice president of technology and solutions at Microsoft Brazil, in a statement.