Assort Health Launches Generative AI Solution for Healthcare Call Centers

Assort Health has introduced a generative artificial intelligence solution specifically for healthcare call centers.

Assort's generative AI model was trained on patient calls across hundreds of thousands of patient interactions. It uses AI and natural language processing to understand caller intent and then integrates with the medical providers' electronic health records to resolve patient inquiries without human involvement.

Common tasks for Assort Health AI solution incorporate end-to-end voice automation of patient inbound calls for the following:

  • Complex tasks, like needing to determine to which doctor to send the call, new patient registration, and appointment scheduling;
  • Simple tasks, such as established patient rescheduling, cancellations, and confirmations;
  • Triaging and routing calls to the appropriate departments; and
  • Answering frequently asked questions, such as address, visiting hours, and parking.

"Over and over again, we hear how patients are extremely frustrated," said Assort Co-founder and CEO Jon Wang in a statement. "It is absurd and even dangerous for any patient with an urgent medical need to wait 20 minutes on hold because the call center is overwhelmed and finally be transferred to a medical assistant who can help. It's a win-win for patient experiences of all kinds and a huge relief for already overburdened staff. And those things together are a major benefit to the bottom line of health systems where dollars are already stretched thin."