Aspect Rolls Out SaaS-Based Customer Communication App

Aspect Software has launched Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite, a SaaS-based advanced suite of customizable outbound customer engagement applications.

Previously only available in select markets, the suite is designed to provide personalized, compliant, and cost-effective interaction experiences entirely in the cloud.  

“Consumers want companies to anticipate their needs and proactively take action to address that need,” said Chris Koziol, president and general manager of Aspect’s Interaction Management division, in a statement. “To do this, companies must not only provide seamless and integrated customer service on new channels, but they also need to become more proactive and predictive in the way they interact with customers. Our aim is to give brands the power to proactively deliver the information consumers need, when they need it and in their preferred mode of communication.”

Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite’s omnichannel capabilities allow customers to select the channel on which they would like to be contacted, respond in the channel of their choice and even switch between channels as part of one seamless interaction. With Aspect’s position in the Workforce Optimization and Interaction Management space, customers can also choose to be transferred to a live agent during or after an automated interaction.

As a SaaS offering that utilizes industry best practice-based template applications, solutions can be deployed in hours, not weeks, with flexible pricing models and options to scale call volumes up and down as needed. Integrating with Aspect’s Interaction Management capabilities, the Proactive Engagement Suite allows businesses to complement their agent-based outbound campaigns with a fully automated solution requiring no additional hardware or telephony, no capital upfront investment and without requiring additional headcount.

“In order to consistently provide exceptional customer experiences that attract and retain customers,   brands need to adapt to the changing consumer environment,” continues Koziol. “Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite helps companies drive memorable, positive customer experiences while saving costs. Because the suite is a pure cloud solution and based on pre-configured templates, the solution offers lower cost of deployment, quicker time-to-value, and flexibility in scaling up or down as business needs change.”  

With Aspect’s experience in verticals such as healthcare and financial services, customers can benefit from purpose-built applications tailored to their business needs:

  •   Aspect Collect: An automated debt collection application compliant with FCC and regional outbound regulations that can be fully integrated with existing systems such as risk engines and is designed to measurably increase payment rates and improve overall business efficiencies.
  •  Aspect Survey: A multichannel and personalized survey solution to better understand consumer sentiment and follow up to avoid negative impacts or capitalize on profitable upsell opportunities.
  •  Aspect Verify:  An automated solution for monitoring, identifying, preventing and proactively notifying organizations and customers of potentially fraudulent transactions including online banking, credit card and retail purchases, access to sensitive enterprise information assets.

Customers can also build their own proactive engagement applications using an engagement platform that is the foundation for the application suite.