Aspect Launches Via 20 Cloud Contact Center Solution

Aspect yesterday released Aspect Via 20, the latest version of its enterprise cloud contact center solution for contact management and workforce optimization.

Aspect Via 20 offers an improved workforce management smartphone interface; expanded deployment options, as well as a simplified cloud migration pathway; and a Salesforce integration.

Aspect Via enterprise cloud contact center supports intelligent inbound routing strategies and advanced outbound campaign and list management with regulatory compliance tools. Additionally, the Aspect Via workforce optimization suite delivers forecasting and agent engagement capabilities.

Aspect Via equips contact centers with the following:

  • Modular contact management and workforce optimization applications;
  • Omnichannel capabilities for self-service and live interactions;
  • Multichannel forecasting and simulation models for staffing;
  • Centralized coordination for all outbound activities across contact center and other delivery groups; and
  • A persona-based, browser interface that enables staff to work from home or any other location.